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Bay Ridge Dental Practice

Bay Ridge Dental Practice

Are you nervous about receiving periodontal treatment for your case of gum disease? Without adequate treatment, gum disease can wreak havoc on our gums, teeth, and even the bones of your jaw, and yet anxieties about a visit to the dental office can still cause you to think twice about treatment. However, there may be a method of treatment which can work to give you the care you need, while eliminating the source of the dental anxieties you feel about treatment. The latest advances in technology have developed modes of laser dentistry to treat the damages of gum disease, and you don’t have to go far to find them. You can receive cutting edge gum disease therapy through the use of a LANAP periodontal laser from your local Learn More at the offices of 5th Avenue Dental Associates, where the latest technology meets personalized care.

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Periodontal Disease Bay Ridge

Dental care is a necessary part of dental prophylaxis for all of us, and it is especially necessary in the treatment of gum disease to stop the spread of periodontitis. However, despite the necessity of treatment from your local Learn More, the anxiety of dental care for many of us can make it increasingly difficult to find the care we need for healthy smiles. However, the latest advances in dentistry could change that. If we stop to consider the reasoning behind it, the fear of dentistry does not come from the office, or medical care. For many of us, our anxiety from dental care is all about the tools that are used, mainly, drills. With the use of laser dentistry you can receive the care you need, and leave the fears behind.

With one simple procedure the LANAP periodontal laser, now in use at your local Learn More, can work for you to correct the damages of gum disease and heal them to stop bacteria from harming your teeth. This treatment can work to surgically and effectively move your gums back to where they should be, adjusting the gum line to close the gap between your teeth and gums caused by the disease periodontitis. In doing so we work to keep out bacteria, plaque, and calcium from building up in the space, helping to slow the progress of gum disease to keep stop the decay from damaging your teeth and bones. With the assistance of the LANAP perio laser at our offices of 5th Avenue Dental Associates our doctors can work to heal your smile. With over 27 years of dental experience in the treatment of healthy smiles in your local community, you can trust our level of knowledge and expertise coupled with state of the art technology to provide the gentle dental care you need.

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