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Cosmetic Dentist Bayridge

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

The general dentists at 5th Avenue Dental Associates are anything but “general”. We like to think of them as your experts in comprehensive care and advanced cosmetic dentistry. They will be paramount in making sure you receive care efficiently and effectively. While they do perform your initial diagnoses, treat acute pain, perform basic services and oversee your preventative care, they are, in essence, a conductor orchestrating a complex series of communications on behalf of you with our insurance consultants, appointment coordinators, dental laboratories and other dental specialists.

Our advanced cosmetic dentists can also make that picture perfect smile you’ve always dreamed about a reality. They can provide you with traditional services you may be familiar with like Zoom! Whitening or cosmetic bonding to new advances like contact lens-thin LUMINEERS and ready-in-a-day porcelain crowns utilizing the CEREC system. Even traditional services like routine fillings and prosthetics are always approached with an eye on the esthetic, incorporating your general dentistry into the realm of advanced cosmetics.

At 5th Avenue Dental Associates, our comprehensive care and advanced dentistry specialists pride themselves in staying abreast of the latest technology and methods. They constantly supplement their education by attending monthly seminars and lectures, and many have completed hospital based general practice residencies or university-based internships.

5th Avenue Dental Associates, doing right by you, the patient.