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Bay Ridge Dentist

Bay Ridge Dentist

Why should you come in regularly to see our Continued at 5th Avenue Dental Associates for a professional teeth cleaning and oral exam? After all, you brush your teeth after every meal; you floss with great diligence; you use fluoride rinse; perhaps you even lay off your consumption of sweets. You are golden, right?

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Cavity Prevention Bay Ridge

While, it’s wonderful that you maintain a daily regimen to look after your teeth, a dental checkup at 5th Avenue Dental Associates is absolutely vital for your overall oral health and to help prevent those cavities that you most assuredly do not want. Professional teeth cleaning with our Continued, known as dental prophylaxis, is essential for removal of dental plaque. Plaque is sneaky. It finds its way between your teeth and if not addressed it can lead to gingivitis. Our preventive care will give you the best chance to avoid that outcome. Any kind of disease has the best odds of a positive outcome when it is discovered early. Given all of that, and knowing we’re right here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for your convenience, why wait? Call us up and make an appointment.

Regular visits will also allow our Continued to check for any potential problems that may be creeping up and allow you to get ahead of them before they get out of hand. Just because you feel good and you’re pain-free now does not guarantee that there’s nothing going on. X-rays will allow our dentists to determine if there is any need for concern and to provide you with the best strategy for any concerns that are discovered. Come see one of our general dentists: Dr. George Diacoumakos, Dr. Glen Cosman, and Dr. Alex Yungelson. You’ll be glad you did. And your teeth will thank you. Your schedule is busy, so that’s why 5th Avenue Dental Associates is here seven days per week for appointments. We’re right here in Brooklyn; we’re part of your neighborhood and we’re here to help you have the healthiest teeth and gums possible.

How often should you come see us? A good rule of thumb is twice per year, but that can vary depending upon risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, existing gum disease, weakened immune systems, or for those who are more prone to cavities and/or plaque buildup. It’s also true that not everyone may need to come as frequently as every six months, especially if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums. To determine the schedule that is right for your oral health, consult with one of our Continued for an evaluation.

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