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Brooklyn Dental Implants

Brooklyn Dental Implants

Dental implants are a common process to replace missing teeth when you visit 5th Avenue Dental Associates, the premier Brooklyn dental implants clinics. This dental procedure seeks to restore the base for the bone after a tooth is removed. When a tooth is missing for a long period of time and an empty space is left, the tendency is for the adjacent teeth to move toward this space, causing unattractive gaps and spacings. Many dental clinics offer dental implant service because it is important to maintain the same bone structure after a tooth is extracted, but none perform it with the accuracy, efficiency and skill as the dentists and oral surgeons at 5th Avenue Dental Associates.

When the english research paper structure at 5th Avenue Dental Associates suggest a dental implant to replace your missing tooth, keep in mind that it is for the benefit of your overall appearance, as tooth loss will affect the performance and retention of the other maintaining teeth. The placement of dental implants are a simple surgical method during which the titanium implant is installed in the jawbone where the original tooth roots were located. Performed under local anesthesia, dental implant placement surgery is a commonly performed procedure and can be completed in two to three appointments at 5th Avenue Dental Associates.


Family Dental Care in Brooklyn

Before dental implants became a common procedure, chewing and biting was a difficult task when a tooth was extracted or missing. Overtime, the bone structure beneath your gums would stop growing and would result in bone resorption, essentially deteriorating and affecting your facial structure. Dental implants function to replace the natural roots of the tooth lost, helping to preserve the bones and allow normal growth.

The process of getting dental implants may be done in two or three appointments at our Read More clinic. This depends on the overall status of the bone structure. Sometimes x-rays are needed to see of the bone where the implants will be placed are stable and in good condition to receive an implant. Don’t be worried if our implant dentists takes time to assess the procedure thoroughly. This is of course at your benefit. There have been studies done about dental implants that have stated a 35 year span for a properly maintained dental implant. In comparison to dentures, and tooth bridges, dental implant lasts longer. It’s better to smile at the world with a full set of teeth than to give a partial smile because of tooth loss.

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