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Cosmetic Dentist Bay Ridge

Cosmetic Dentist Bay Ridge

Most of us are familiar with dentures. Whether complete or partial, dentures are a good solution as a dental restoration. They are simple, effective, and less expensive than dental implants. If you need to replace missing teeth, including a full upper or lower set, call us at 5th Avenue Dental Associates and make an appointment to come see our http://www.kidsofmacarthur.com.au/.

There are several reasons why dental implants may not be a good choice in every situation. First is cost. Dental implants are more expensive than dentures. Second is whether your jaw bone is strong enough to support dental implants. Our http://www.kidsofmacarthur.com.au/ will go over all of the advantages and disadvantages of your options with you and help you to decide if dentures are the best way to go for your situation.

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Dental Restorations Bay Ridge

Dentures are removable. They are made when our http://www.kidsofmacarthur.com.au/ takes an impression of your mouth. In addition, your jaws will be measured along with the space between them. The impression is used to create a model, typically made from either plastic or wax or a combination of the two. This will be sent off to the dental lab. They use that model to create a set of dentures to fit your mouth. The finished product will be the proper shape and color so that it will feel comfortable and look good also.

Dentures can be made for upper or lower teeth. Partials are commonly referred to as a removable bridge. The replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base that is colored to match your gums. It is connected in your mouth using a metal framework that holds it in place. Other bridges can be fixed, anchored to the surrounding teeth and then held in with the use of cement. Our http://www.kidsofmacarthur.com.au/ will discuss which may be best for you. Removable dentures are held in using adhesive.

Missing teeth can lead to shifting teeth and a less attractive appearance, particularly when front teeth are involved. With partial or complete dentures, our cosmetic dentist at 5th Avenue Dental Associates can help you to avoid the discomfort that can result for shifting teeth and give you back a full set of teeth to smile with.

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