Little Italy family dentist

Little Italy Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Little Italy

Little Italy family dentist
Little Italy family dentist

You want outstanding care and attentive treatment for your child as well as for yourself, and at Fifth Avenue Dental Associates, we offer dental care for all ages, with a focus on the specific needs and preferences of children and adults.

Some of our valuable services are applicable to all ages, such as twice-yearly dental examinations and cleanings, digital x-rays that expose you to far less radiation than traditional ones, and tooth-colored fillings. Our Little Italy family dentist believes in prevention as the number one priority. It is always easier and more efficient to avoid treatment than to need it however well it’s done and how beneficial it is. In addition, children need more attention paid to things like setting up a foundation of positive experiences early on. There is little doubt that the very first time your child comes in for an examination by our Little Italy family dentist, she or he will form opinions and attitudes about not just our office, but about all dentists. And those opinions and attitudes tend to follow him or her into adulthood. Our Little Italy family dentist is dedicated to ensuring that your child feels at ease and comfortable when coming in. The transition from baby teeth to adult teeth is one that needs to be managed properly, so that there is sufficient room for the new teeth to erupt. For you, we have a full range of services that encompass the restorative, cosmetic, periodontal, and orthodontic, in addition to treatments for TMJ disorder and sleep apnea.

Why should you take time out of your busy schedule to go to multiple offices when you can have everything that you and your child need right here with our Little Italy family dentist? Contact our office today and we will schedule a convenient appointment for you or your child (or both).

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