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Little Italy dental implants

Little Italy dental implants

Losing teeth can happen, and it can occur because of different things depending on the case. For the most part, people lose teeth because of dental health problems like advanced tooth decay or gum disease, but it can also happen because of injury or old age. If you lose teeth, it helps to restore your dental health in any way possible, and in addition to any treatments you may need you will also need to replace the teeth you lost as well. Here at Manhattan Dental Associates we can help interested patients learn more about their candidacy qualifications and eligibility for Little Italy dental implants.

Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth, especially since they are the closest option to real teeth. Like real teeth, dental implants are actually attached to the jawbone. Implants use posts made of titanium to anchor the artificial caps into your mouth. As these strong titanium posts heal, they actually meld with your jawbone in a biological process known as osseointegration. Once the bone has healed, you will have a firm foundation for your artificial teeth and they can be set into the posts now in your jaw. Each artificial tooth is designed to look as natural as possible and they can be made to match any remaining teeth you have as well. Because this procedure requires a considerable amount of oral surgery, we here at Manhattan Dental Associates provide comprehensive evaluations to determine a patient’s overall eligibility for Little Italy dental implants. In some cases, additional procedures may be needed, such as bone grafting, to make the implant procedure possible. Our dentists can tell you more about the procedure and what it entails before plotting out your specific treatment plan as well.

If you have lost teeth, then you may want to consider options like dental implants. If you want to find out whether Little Italy dental implants are an option for you, call or visit us here at Manhattan Dental Associates to learn more and to set up your evaluation today.

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