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Dental fillings in Fort Hamilton

Cavities are all too common. These holes in your teeth are caused by tooth decay, which itself is the result of the effects of dental plaque and tartar. They can lead to a toothache, an infection inside the tooth, and either root canal or a tooth extraction. At Fifth Avenue Dental Associates, we’re pleased to offer a variety of filling materials to meet your needs and preferences in all instances.

Amalgam fillings are made of metal. At one time, they were the most common type, but the advancements in options like composite resins, porcelain, and ceramic, all of which are strong as well as cosmetically appealing, have relegated amalgam to being utilized less often. When they are used, it is typically for back teeth, where there added sturdiness can be a benefit when it comes to bearing up under the pressure of chewing. However, amalgam makes teeth more likely to fracture due to expansion and contraction of the metal. Composite bonds to your teeth much better than amalgam, and that means less drilling at our Fort Hamilton dental office, along with keeping more natural tooth material. Pretty much everyone likes it when the drill is absent. Porcelain and ceramic share the same kind of aesthetic advantages that are present with composite resins, but they can last longer than composite, which means you will be able to have the peace of mind to know that you don’t have to get further treatment until much later. No matter what type of material is most appropriate for your cavity, preventing further cavities is always a top priority. So be sure to come in for your examination and cleaning every six months.

Cavities, whether announcing themselves through a toothache, or detected during a routine checkup, need dental fillings. Contact our Fort Hamilton dental office right now and let us schedule your visit to come in.

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