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Dyker Heights Extractions

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights Extractions
Dyker Heights Extractions

Is your teenager suffering from a chronic toothache in his or her back molars? He or she may be suffering from wisdom teeth pain and require one or more Dyker Heights extractions. Give us a call at Fifth Avenue Dental Associates to ensure that your child’s dental health is in good hands.

At Fifth Avenue Dental Associates, our team of caring staff has proudly offered comprehensive dental care to members of our community for over 30 years. We welcome patients of all ages and go the extra mile to set up an environment that’s calming, respectful, and welcoming towards the entire family. Our wide array of services spans from cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry to orthodontic treatments. More specifically, we offer initial oral examinations, pediatric dental care and dental education, radiography, preventative treatments including dental prophylaxis, fillings, root canal treatments, crowns and caps, bridges and dentures, implants, veneers, tooth whitening, Invisalign, orthodontics including regular and tooth-colored braces, periodontal treatment, sleep apnea treatment, TMJ appliances, and extractions. If you’re worried that your teenager or young adult may be suffering from oral pain caused by incoming wisdom teeth, book an appointment with one of our specialists to learn more about treatment paths involving wisdom teeth extractions. Our staff will help you book an appointment to have your child’s teeth examined so that a professional can diagnose the issue and identify which wisdom teeth need to be removed if relevant. When tooth removal is necessary, our office can perform a simple, effective surgical extraction using local anesthesia or IV sedation. In the case of wisdom teeth removal, no tooth replacement will be necessary.

So don’t hesitate; book your child for an initial oral examination right away to learn more about whether he or she may require Dyker Heights extractions to recover from his or her oral pain. With the help of Fifth Avenue Dental Associates, you and your family can breathe easy knowing your child’s wisdom teeth extractions are being handled by specialists who truly care.

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