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Brooklyn Dental Clinic

Brooklyn Dental Clinic

5th Avenue Dental Associates of New York is pleased to serve the entire Brooklyn community. Working as general dentists in Brooklyn, Dr. George Diacoumakos and Dr. Glenn Cosman, along with their caring staff, have strived to treat patients with the best possible dental care and compassion. When you walk into 5th Avenue Dental Associates in Brooklyn, you’ll be treated like a member of our family.

The staff at 5th Avenue Dental Associates is passionate about your dental health and overall well-being. Thus, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive dental care, ranging from dental cleanings to root canals to orthodontics, all in one convenient location. Whichever service you require from our Brooklyn dentists, prevention is at the core of our dental approach. So many painful and costly dental conditions are easily avoidable with a commitment to good oral hygiene practices. At 5th Avenue Dental Associates, we provide extremely thorough dental exams and professional cleanings, spending more time with each patient than other dental clinics in Brooklyn. By investing more time in our patients during preventive appointments, we are safeguarding you against potential dental decay and disease in the future. Unfortunately, some dental conditions aren’t caught in time and some dentists may make mistakes, but at 5th Avenue Dental Associates, we never comprise on quality. When prevention is not an option, our dentists work tirelessly to fix your dental problems the first time. When necessary, our Brooklyn dentists take the extra step to achieve long-lasting, functional, and stunning results.

As Brooklyn’s premier dental clinic, we welcome you to our family dental practice and look forward to building a lifelong relationship with you as your primary dentist. For a refreshing difference in dentistry, visit 5th Avenue Dental Associates in Brooklyn.

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