Brooklyn TMJ Treatment

Brooklyn TMJ Treatment

TMJ, short for Tempro-Mandibular Joint disorders is a common condition affecting a wide variety of people.  TMJ is characterized by severe headaches, jaw pain of varying degrees, grinding teeth, and an intermittent ringing in the ears.  The vast majority of TMJ sufferers are unaware that the root cause of these problems is something that a dentist can effectively treat.  These signs are often misdiagnosed by patients and physicians, when they may in fact be the result of a treatable dental problem.  Few dentists and physicians are trained and experienced at diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders.  Our Brooklyn TMJ dentist is experienced in these types of disorders and can treat your TMJ discomfort.  If you feel as though you have clicking in your jaw bone or have severe migraines visit our Bay Ridge dental office for your next routine cleaning.

Brooklyn Sleep Apnea

TMJ Treatment Brooklyn

Brooklyn TMJ Dentist

Do you have a habit of snoring?  Do you find yourself feeling droopy during the work day, or inattentive and forgetful?  These are symptoms of sleep apnea, and most people who have sleep apnea do not know they have it.  At our Brooklyn, Bay Ridge community dentist, we can treat sleep apnea with oral appliances worn during sleep.  Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to stop breathing during sleep because your airway is blocked.  The dental appliance our Brooklyn sleep apnea dentist provides is custom made to help you breath while sleeping giving way to a comforting night sleep.  This is a common condition that affects more than 12 million Americans, yet it is relatively unknown to the public.

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