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Are you tired of over the counter whitening products simply failing time and time again to deliver as advertised, with the excuse that you simply need to purchase more items from their system? If you feel like you are fighting a losing battle with the stubborn stains on the surface of your teeth, there are other affordable options which can give you the results you want for the beautiful smile you deserve. For a truly effective treatment what will give you whiter teeth, patients need look no further than their local Brooklyn general dentists at the offices of 5th Avenue Dental Associates. Our welcoming and knowledgeable team can work with you to identify the cause behind your battle for a whiter smile, and help you get the pearly whites of your dreams.

Bay Ridge Tooth Whitening
Bay Ridge Tooth Whitening

Over the counter whitening treatments can fail to perform for a whole host of reasons. Aside from the products themselves being incomparable to the state of the art treatments found at your professional Brooklyn general dentists, purchasing a product from your local grocery store or pharmacy also eliminates your ability to receive the dentist’s careful instruction and advice, which helps you get to the source of your cosmetic dental woes. Many of the foods and drinks which we love, and some which are even known for being very good to our bodies, are not always the best choice for your teeth. Our staff can answer your questions about how your diet can affect your smile, and what you can do to stop it from staining your teeth.

Many of us turn to the products now littering our bathroom sinks simply because we believe that we simply do not have time to see the dentist, but the truth is that today’s dental whitening treatments from your professional Brooklyn general dentists are even more convenient and efficient than ever before. You can have your teeth brightened to shades whiter than when you walked into our offices in only an hour with the power of ZOOM! whitening technology, so when you can’t get a day off to visit the dentist, there is no reason to. If you do not wish to make regular visits to the dentist in order to repeat this procedure as recommended, you can always ask to be fitted with a custom dental tray for your own professional at-home whitening system.

Still sound like too much work? Our offices now offer teeth whitening for life through the use of the latest innovative technology. You can receive a free consultation to find out if this treatment is right for you with a simple visit to your neighborhood Brooklyn general dentists at the state of the art offices of 5th Avenue Dental Associates. With a wide array of convenient dental whitening treatments for you to choose from, you can be sure to find the care you need for the brighter smile you deserve.

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